Building Structures affected by incidents such a Fires and Floods can be restored to a pre-incident condition using a wide range of restoration techniques; Professional restoration prevents the building degrading as a result of the damaging effects of smoke or water. Similar techniques can be used should a building need a specialised clean (post construction) or a periodic deep or clinical clean.

Our services and experience in this area includes:

  • Stripping out
  • Structural Restoration of Modern and Traditional Buildings.
  • Building Drying utilising refrigerant, desiccant, target, convection, natural and rapid drying techniques.
  • Sanitisation and deodorisation of structures (for example in black and grey water escapes)
  • Deep and Clinical Cleaning in buildings and hospitals
  • Mould treatment and control
  • Working under CDM regulations as contractor or principle contractor


Fire and Flood incidents aren’t everyday occurrences, exactly why obtaining expert advice following an incident is the first and most important step to a fast, effective and efficient recovery for your organisation. ISS Restoration will support you with the expertise and experience of its Project managers, respond out of hours in urgent situations with on-call teams and complete loss mitigation and restoration activity to ensure your organisation is ‘back in business’ as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Our services include:
24/7 Emergency Response (365 days/year)
Our call centre can take instructions 24/7, 365 days a year by phone or email. Upon instruction our service includes a client/policyholder call back within 1 hour, a prompt site visit to assess the damage followed up with a costed damage assessment report detailing the incident and our recommendations & estimated costs for the recovery process.

Expert Damage Consultation
All ‘commercial’ instructions are project managed. Our Project Managers are professional and experienced in dealing with all types and sizes of Fire, Flood or Accidental Damage incidents. They will help you make the right decisions for your organisation.

Debris/Waste and Water Removal
Damage mitigation activities, if begun quickly can have a great impact on the wider recovery. Most ‘loss mitigation’ activities are simple and cost effective. Investing in mitigation can deliver huge savings when compared to the cost the cost of secondary damage, consequential loss and business interruption. In fact many insurance policies require the policy holder to take ‘reasonable’ steps to mitigate the loss to prevent a situation deteriorating.

Asset and B.E.R Logging
An accurate list of assets involved in or damaged ‘beyond economic repair’ in an incident is important for the organisation or any insurance claim relating. Compiling such a list in the early stages of the recovery process is helpful for all concerned.

Storage Facilities
Time may pass before assets are officially ‘written off’ or those restored returned to the premises. Safe/secure storage keeps your assets safe and undamaged in the meantime.


Hard or Soft furnishings such as carpets, desks, chairs, personal belongings and documentation are important for any business to continue its operations post incident. Cleaning, sanitising and deodorising items not only saves money but ensures employees return to a safe working environment.

Our services include:

  • Stock
  • Documentation
  • Infection Control
  • Soft and Hard furnishings and carpets


All types of electrical and electronic installations and equipment including computers can be restored if treated quickly following a fire or flood. Restoration techniques include dry or aqueous (wet) washing using specialised chemicals and techniques. Restoration can take place on site or at the specialised electrical restoration facilities at Damage Control branches by competent electrical technicians.

Damage Control also provides:

  • P.A.T (Portable Appliance Test) electrical equipment involved in incidents to ensure electrical safety
  • Recover Data from damaged computer storage devices
  • Electrical Safety Assessments post incident
  • Install Temporary Power to damaged buildings to facilitate work and drying


Machinery, manufacturing and process equipment can suffer seemingly irreparable damage from contamination and corrosion in fire & flood incidents, however if stabilised by dehumidification and protective chemicals secondary damage can be prevented and equipment can be restored and re-commissioned.

Such equipment can be costly and sometimes unique; restoration therefore delivers significant savings over replacement and is often the quickest way to ensure equipment essential to business operations is available.

Our trained technicians work with equipment manufacturers and policy holders staff to disassemble, restore, re-assemble and recommission equipment.

Mechanical stock can also be restored for sale or salvage.

Polygon Damage Control

A proud member of the Polygon Group family, our company continues to offer Fire, Flood and Accidental Damage Recovery and Restoration services as it has for over 35 years. Polygon Damage Control is one of the most experienced, trusted and stable disaster recovery companies for commercial and major loss incidents.

24/7 Response Service

Offering a 24/7 response service, we proudly offer the insurance industry the assured combination of Quality, Capacity, Value, Service, Professionalism and Trust
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